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#997 Orthodox Prayer Card St. Demetrios

#997 Orthodox Prayer Card St. Demetrios

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Plastic icon cards. Appropriate Orthodox prayer on the reverse side. 2 1/8" x 3 3/8".

Holy, Glorious Demetrios (Demetrius)
The Myrrhgusher of Thessalonica

Troparion-Tone 3 The world has found you to be a great defense
against tribulation and a vanquisher of heathens,
O Passion-bearer.
As you bolstered the courage of Nestor,
who then humbled the arrogance of Lyaios in battle,
Holy Demetrios, entreat Christ God
to grant us great mercy.

God, who has given you invincible might,
has tinged the Church
with streams of your blood, Demetrios!
He preserves your city from harm,
for you are its foundation!