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Anglican Western Catholic: Making Eucharistic Vestments

Anglican Western Catholic: Making Eucharistic Vestments

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Making Eucharistic Vestments
On a Limited Budget
Linda C Hall
1985, New Spiralbound Softcover, 48pp.
Introduction: This handbook is written for those who want to make good, simple vestments for their churches. It is a collection of information and instructions from various sources, and is offered in an attempt to help beginners avoid some of the pitfalls that await the maker of vestments.

The principles and techniques recommended in this book are applicable to various styles of vestments, whether "traditional" or "contemporary" in spirit.

For very little money, but with the cooperation of several needleworkers, a church can have a simple, practical wardrobe of vestments in the historic forms. Each church can have its own distinctive spirit expressed in its vestments, reflecting the specialized ministry of the congregation. This individual identity will be created largely by the choice of fabrics and their decoration, and by the liturgical use to which the vestments are put.

Advice will be given first on planning the number, kinds, and design of the vestments needed for the church that has only limited funds for these things. Then, detailed instructions will be given for making each kind of vestment.

Table of Contents:

How to Plan a Vestment Wardrobe for Your Church:
A. Determine what seasonal color sequence is to be followed
B. Determine the kinds and number of vestments needed
C. Determine which vestments are needed first
D. Plan for coordination of vestments with other furnishings
E. Plan for coordination of vestments with each other
F. Avoid these pitfalls in choosing fabrics for vestments

How to Make Eucharistic Vestments:
A. The Chasuble
Conical Chasuble
"Gothic Revival" Chasuble
Sewing the Chasuble
Unlined Chasuble (all styles)
Lined chasuble (Gothic Revival style)
B. The Stole
Designing the Stoles
Straight Stole
Stole with Splayed Ends
Tapered Stole
Cutting and Sewing the Stole
C. The Maniple
D. The Dalmatic and Tunicle
Cutting out the Dalmatic and Tunicle
Sewing the Dalmatic and Tunicle
E. The Cope
Cutting out the Cope
Sewing the Cope
F. The Alb
Cutting out the Alb
Sewing the Alb
G. The Amice
Cutting out the Amice
Sewing the Amice
H. The Apparels
Cutting out the Apparels
Sewing the Apparels
I. The Girdle
J. The Surplice

* The Burse and Chalice Veil
* How to Make a Cloth for a Free-standing Altar