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Pysanky Easter Egg Wraps Icons

Pysanky Easter Egg Wraps Icons

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Make 7 Easter Eggs in few seconds!

Bright colors, excellent designs, easy to make.

How to use:

1. Choose "Large" size raw eggs
2. Slip egg into the wrapper.
3. Place egg on spoon and dip into boiling water until it shrinks around the egg in about 3 seconds

The icons on the ornate egg wraps are:

Top to Bottom

Front Mary
Back ( no icon)

Front St Helen
Back St Nicholas

Front Mary Compassionate One
Back Humility of Mary

Front Mary Sweet Kissing
Back Mary Eternal Bloom

Front Christ Blessing
Back Christ Blessing

Front St Panteleimon
Back Mary Our Lady of Kazan

Front St John The Baptist
Back St Luke