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VIRGIN MARY & A CHILD XLG ICON 15 7/8"x13 1/8"

VIRGIN MARY & A CHILD XLG ICON 15 7/8"x13 1/8"

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Mounted Icons have Gold Foil and are Printed on Wood and Ready to  Hang

15 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 1/2"

ewarding hobby that will allow you to create that special icon

Mounted Icon Weights

15 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 1/2"   Five Pounds

 Made in Russia


An icon to the Russian Christian is a “window to the eternal.” The icon connects the created to his creator and His saints. The Virgin Mary is represented in over 350 different icons that have special significance to the religious life of the Russian people. While all icons play a part in the religious life of Russia, some played a part in the historical and political development of Russia.

The Virgin of Iviron is one of the most famous wonder working icons of the Christian East.’

The icon is known as the Panagia Portaitissa in Greek– the Iviron Theotokos – the Virign of the Portal (Entrance).

The iconographic style is “Hodegettia” – “she who points the way” with her right hand to Christ the Savior. Christ, portrayed as an adult, has his right hand raised blessing with the index and middle fingers joined (referring to the duel nature – God and Man) and his thumb covers over the other fingers signifying the Holy Trinity.

The original icon to the Iviron Monastery appeared on Mount Athos (Greece) in 999AD. During the 9th Century Iconoclastic controversy the faithful of Nicea put the icon into the sea to preserve it from destruction. The icon was found as a flaming image floating in the Marmara Sea near Mount Athos. The Mother of God appeared to an old Georgian monk named Gabriel living on Mount Athos telling him to walk on the waves to retrieve the icon. The monk obeyed and took the icon to his monastery – the Georgian monastery of the Iberians.