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#932 Orthodox Prayer Card Our Lady of Canada

#932 Orthodox Prayer Card Our Lady of Canada

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Plastic icon cards. Appropriate Orthodox prayer on the reverse side. 2 1/8" x 3 3/8".

The Righteous of Damascus

You are a guide of Orthodoxy,
a teacher of piety and modesty,
a luminary of the world,
the God inspired pride of monastics,
O wise John,
you have enlightened everyone
by your teachings.
You are the harp of the Spirit.
Intercede to Christ our God
for the salvation of our souls.

Come, O ye faithful,
let us praise the hymn-writer,
the Church's luminary
and wise instructor,
the hallowed John,
who cast down all her enemies;
for since he took up
the Cross of the Lord as a weapon,
he drove off the heresies,
with their every delusion.
And as our fervent champion with God,
he granteth all  the forgiveness of trespasses.