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Tapestry Eternal Bloom Virgin Mary Wall Hanging

Tapestry Eternal Bloom Virgin Mary Wall Hanging

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Mary is the “Eternal” or “Unfading” Bloom or Flower

This is one of the most beloved icons of the Theotokos in both Eastern and Western Christianity. It reveals to use the essence of our faith – in the Holy Trinity, Christ in His human form and his beloved Mother.

Mary as the Theotokos (birth giver of God) she is also referred to as the “Eternal Bloom.” Christ is the “perfect” man, he is the perfect “bloom.”

Mary through her womb bore Christ – the first born Eternal One the Son of God - so is Mary “eternal’ through Christ her Son

The Virgin is depicted holding the Christ Child in her left hand. Christis blessing the world with his right hand and holding an “orb” in his left symbolizing he is the king of the universe. Mary, lovingly looking at the Christ Child, with her right hand she “points the way” to Him and holds a three blossomed stem representing the Blessed Trinity. The two opened lilies representing God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. The still opening bloom represents Christ the Son of God. The style of the icon is called “Hedgitera” meaning Mary is pointing the way for us to her Son

Icon Measures 10 1/4 inch x 7 3/4 inch

Including Wooden Parts 8 3/4 inch wide

Including Hanger Part from top to bottom 14 inch tall